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What’s Our Tagline?

We’re attending a few events this year. I’m super nervous because I’m not exactly a social superstar but I am extremely excited to show everyone, face-to-face, what Dawley Bikes does.

Of course the organisers have asked us for logos and things for our displays. We’ve also been asked for some copy to go along with our branding. A few brief words or paragraphs about what we do.

I’ve gone from “let’s just use some copy from the web page” to completely over thinking it but this is my baby - I over think all of it. Sometimes I wish I could separate myself from things a little but then what would be the point?

We’ve grown a little, I have a few great people as well as my very patient life partner helping me out but Dawley Bikes is still pretty much just me and it still feels very much like I’m on display whenever we show a bike or frame, or logo or just some words about what we do.

So I sit and stew over how to sum up what Dawley Bikes is and does. I read words from other brands and makers. There are those who go with the superlatives, some that read like cleverly written marketing and others who are brutally factual about what it is they do.

The trouble is that what I do might not appear at first to be that radical, that ‘different’. What I do is make steel frames that just ride really flippin’ well. But not because I did more than the other guys, not because I made a bigger bike, a slacker bike, a lower bike. I didn’t just turn it up to 11. I carefully tweaked the equaliser to produce a sound that melts the brain.

It’s very easy to market more. Bigger is better - it’s not true of course - but it is pretty much how all businesses make sales.

It’s also relatively easy to make a product for a very specific end-use. To make a bike excel in one, narrow genre reduces the scope of what needs to be considered and designed for. But to create one that not only works well but shines in a broad range of terrain and disciplines while suiting a similar span of riders takes finesse, and a comprehensive understanding of how geometry and bicycle construction plays out in the real world.

That’s what I believe I do. And Dawley Bikes is the result of that. But how do I say so without first, sounding like a cocky, knobhead. And second, in less than the 400-odd words it took here?

I’m not quite sure. But there are still a few weeks before Ard Rock…

So come and join us there to see if I figured it out!


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