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What is T45 tubing?


T45 is a British Standard Aerospace Series tubing which has a very high tensile strength as well as excellent elongation properties making it ideal for use in mountain bike frames. This material will take all the abuse of mountain biking and retain its strength. T45 is inherently British and is available here in the very highest quality. At Dawley Bikes every frame we build is different in size to the last and T45 tubing also allows us to work more efficiently, with less wastage - meaning we can offer our custom-sized, handmade frames at exceptional prices.


What is Reynolds 853DZB tubing?


853 is Reynolds’ premium ferrous steel. Thanks to a very high tensile strength this tubing is butted, meaning that material is removed from the centre of the tube where it‘s unnecessary and the DZB (Double Zone Butted) moniker means it has some of that material added at the critical head tube joint. This translates to a lighter frame and more supple ride.


What is powder coating?


Powder coating is a dry finish coating process which involves covering the frame in a dry powder which is then baked in an oven and results in a smooth, uniform, durable coating. Powder coating is an industrial process which tends to favour function (protective) over decorative properties. We use the very highest quality powder coating to provide a practical, durable and great looking finish.


What is wet paint?


Our wet paint finish is an air-gun applied paint finish as used in the automotive industry. This coating does not quite match the durability of powder coating but has an unrivalled finish and produces a truly beautiful looking frame. We recommend you consider a frame protection kit for use on wet-painted frames.



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