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I'm Thom Dawley and Dawley Bikes is me and my workshop. Here I build bicycle frames, one at a time from steel as well as other small parts designed to make the cyclist-life easier.

I started making things because what I needed wasn't available off the shelf. Now I have a small selection of frames with my own blend of geometry and custom options.


My frames are a blend of traditional fabrication techniques and modern design. I build in steel and use a mix of bronze welding and fillet brazing to join the tubes. Almost all my processes are completed by hand, only using machines where I feel it's absolutely necessary. 

I believe that a good bike should be an extension of the rider; geometry and handling is at the heart of what I do at Dawley Bikes. My focus is always to put the rider in control.

If you need any more information I'm only too happy to help and to chat about bikes, just drop me a message

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